Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances
Klavier solo

Edvard Grieg Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances
Klavier solo
von Edvard Grieg für Klavier Solo (mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad). Inhalt: op. 17, opus 71, spring dance, the young man, nils tallefjorn, sance from jolster, wedding song, halling, the pig, when my eyes, Ole in a rage, on the dovrefield in norway, solfager and the worm king, recessional march, i sing with a sorrowful heart, the last saturday night, i know a young girl, the big fly and the small fly, comic dance, holje dale, halling, soebygga, cattle call, peasant song, bridal song, raven wedding in krakalund
Schlagworte: classical, klassisch

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